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Smart Kapp

SMART KAPP - The Whiteboard Re-Invented

  Plug It In  |   Sync Your Device    |    Start Writing    |  Share and Save Content 

 kappThe Smart Kapp is a Whiteboard which enables you to share any content you wish, immediately with your audience. Combine a sleek, modern version of a dry-erase board with a powerful app that lets you save and share content as it unfolds.

What is included?

Dry-erase markers | Eraser | Capture board | SMART kapp app | Mounting bracket and hardware

Benefits For Education & Business

- Ideal for small classrooms, businesses, office cubicles or administration offices.
- Compatible with iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play.
- Write with a normal dry erase marker and erase on the sleek surface without ever staining it.
- Up to 250 participants can be invited to see content as it unfolds using any browser.
- Protect your content with a PIN code.

An easy to use, modern replacement for traditional dry-erase boards and flipcharts, SMART kapp offers a leap in functionality and delivers reliable collaboration.   

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