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Smartboard 6065

SMART 6065 Interactive Panel

The Smartboard 6065 is the latest release which is used in education and corporate environments. This is our recommendation for schools and colleges as it has Ultra HD 4k resolution. Other features include:

6065- Ultra HD 4K imagery - Stunning detailed visuals bring lessons to life and drive learner engagement through an immersive learning experience. The superior image quality is four times the resolution of Full HD ensuring a future proofed investment - today.

- Object Awareness - For a simple and intuitive user experience. Pen, finger and erasing recognition is automatically detected when touching the SMART Board 6065 Panel screen. There’s no need to select these options from a menu, thus allowing for an improved seamless and efficient user experience.

- Pen ID - The first dedicated educational interactive flat panel featuring Pen ID allowing for 2 users to collaborate seamlessly or work independently. Each user has independent control over the colour of pen they are using which opens up new ways of interacting. This feature is available exclusively with the SMART Board 6065 interactive flat panel which uses SMARTTM proprietary DViTTM (Digital Vision Touch) camera based technology.

- Enhanced Multi-Touch Functionality - This enhanced multi-touch functionality, combined with 4 touches when connected to a PC, offers unrivalled interactivity with both a PC and MAC.

- Ant-Glare Low friction glass

Upon installation, we can also provide a training session for your staff on how to use these panels.

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